Investing With Confidence

Our ongoing commitment as a Forex trading company is to provide the best possible investor experience while always effectively pushing the boundaries of the Foreign Exchange market without sacrificing risk.

Trading Performance

Agilital trading performance over the last three months. Additional precise details are available on our Trading Statements page.

Currently our daily trading average is 1.465%

Investment Calculator

Investment calculator tool outlines the growth of your investment at Agilital. Estimated ROI and related calculations are based on an average trading profit of 1.465% per trading day.

Select amount Move the handle to adjust the required amount
1.124% Daily Average
112.390% Total percent 
$6.74 Daily income
$674.00 Total Profit
60.00% Trading profit share
$10.00 Minimal deposit
120 Investment Period
62.95% Trading profit share
$600.00 Minimal deposit
120 Investment Period
67.46% Trading profit share
$1,500.00 Minimal deposit
120 Investment Period
90.00% Trading profit share
$6,000.00 Minimal deposit
120 Investment Period

How It Works

Every trading day investor receives a share of our daily trading profit. Share percentage depends on amount invested and the larger the investments are, the higher is the share. The minimal share percentage is 60% for the minimal investment, and can significantly increase up to 90% for investments of 6,000 USD/EUR or more.

However, in the case of trading losses, for that specific day we allocate 0.40% from which investor gets paid his share described above. Losses are reimbursed by the special reserve fund.

Investment Calculator displays all computations automatically according to the selected deposit amount, and final results are based on our average daily trading profit of 1.465%.

More information

About Agilital

Agilital is a Forex trading company that consists of technically oriented traders and analysts with many years of active trading experience across multiple markets and platforms.

Forex Trading

We employ our own proprietary software-based auto trading instruments and risk management controls that aim to deliver risk-adjusted results that exceed expectations.

Performance Reports

In an effort to help our investors to understand our Forex trading process, we provide comprehensive and up-to-date trading performance reports.

All reports are available on the Trading Statements page.

Features & Advantages

Agilital delivers results non-stop so that you could focus on the other things that really matter to you.

Forex Trading Company

Agilital is a company of technically oriented traders employing software-based automated trading and risk management instruments to maximize profit with minimal risk.

Daily Trading Reports

Transparent, comprehensive and up-to-date trading performance data is available on Trading Statements page.

Demo Currency

Special Demo Currency grants an option to securely test-drive and familiarize with the investment process before proceeding with the live investment.

Flexible Profit Sharing System

Flexible, unique and effective profit sharing system which allows you as an investor to meaningfully maximize returns.

Genuine Investment Platform

Desktop and mobile friendly, easy to navigate investment platform to manage your portfolio and objectives.

SSL & DDoS protection

SSL certificate for security and industry standard DDoS mitigation technology to protect and make sure our servers and the website always stay online.

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